Day trip course
Enjoy a little vacation at this quiet hotel by Kurama River, amidst the mountains of Kurama

Available from April 29 until the end of September
Savour the seasonal view on the river

Dine on a traditional wooden veranda, called "KAWADOKO", by the mountain stream in an area where the four seasons are particularly striking

Relax with a delicious meal while enjoying the fresh green of early summer, or a cool breeze in the summer heat, and the changes of the four seasons so beautifully manifest along Kurama River.
("KAWADOKO" may be closed in case of rain or group reservations.)

A KAWADOKO meal and the day trip course may be combined into a TOKUTOKU set.

Kawadoko Bento and day trip course:
5,900 yen

Kawadoko Kaiseki (or hot pot) and day trip course:
9,300 yen

We request that you specify a time for the meal. You may do so at the reception on the day, but we recommend that you make a reservation by phone in advance.

We will escort you from the reception to KAWADOKO at the appointed time, and you may dine in yukata if you prefer.

You may bathe before and/or after the meal, as you prefer. Face towel, bath towel and yukata are included.

Kawadoko Kaiseki
Kawadoko Kurama Nabe (duck)
Kawadoko Jidori Mizutaki (chicken)

Kawadoko Bento
Kawadoko Kaiseki
9,300 yen

#A small number of dishes comprised of: an appetizer, sashimi, a grilled dish, a small hotpot dish, rice, soup, a side dish, dessert, and more. Enjoy the taste and beauty of this exquisite menu.

Kawadoko Kurama Nabe (duck)
8,300 yen

#Duck and vegetables cooked in a pot at your very own table while you dine.

Kawadoko Jidori Mizutaki (chicken)
8,300 yen

#Chicken and vegetables cooked in a pot at your very own table while you dine.

Kawadoko Bento
5,900 yen

#A number of dishes including an appetizer, rice, soup, a grilled dish, a side dish, and other small dishes. A simple but satisfying style of food.

We recommend that you dine at one of the following times:
12:00, 12:30, 14:00, or 14:30.

If you should wish to dine at a later hour, please inquire about this possibility by phone or at the reception.

We request that you finish the meal within 90 minutes. If you are late for the appointed time, you will have less time to finish the meal. We regret that we are unable to change the reservation on the day of the meal.

In case of heavy rain on the day of the meal or on the previous day, KAWADOKO will be closed due to high water level, and the meal will be served at the indoor restaurant in the main building.

Bathing fees are included in the package.

The actual dishes may differ slightly from the pictures depending on the availability of supplies.

Reservations: TEL. 075-741-2131

Yama no Yado - Mizu no Yado: Kurama Spa
Natural sulphur hot spring and open-air bath
520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1111
TEL: +81-75-741-2131 / FAX: +81-75-741-2375
Open: 10:00 - 21:00 (the open-air bath closes at 20:00 during winter)
Meal orders: 11:00 - 20:00 (subject to change depending on availability of supplies)
Open 365 days (please ask us about the Kurama Fire Festival, which is held on October 22 every year)
Parking lot for 60 cars (if you intend to drive here in a minivan or large car, please notify us in advance)

Please note that children still wearing diapers are not allowed in the bath.

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