Lodging Plan
Enjoy a little vacation at this quiet hotel by Kurama River, amidst the mountains of Kurama

Lodging Plan
Visit our impressive Japanese-style hotel immersed in the lush green mountains of Kurama and enjoy our rich selection of outstanding dishes.

Japanese style room
(with ensuite toilet)

The charges listed below include one night, twomeals,consumption tax and service charge, per person, on a weekday.

15,000 yen - plus tax
3 or more people per room

17,000 yen - plus tax
2 people or less per room

#On days prior to a holiday there is a surcharge of 3,000 yen plus tax.
#The charges are subject to temporary changes.
#Bathing tax of 150 yen,Accommodation tax of 200 yen,(per person per night) will be charged additional.

* If it appears fully booked in the online reservation system,
or if you wish to make a resevation for a large group, we
advise you to contact us directly by Email. (Not all rooms
are listed online, and some of them may be vacant.)
Email 【contact us】

Guest room for up to 4 people Guest room for up to 9 people

How about a drink while admiring nature through the window?
Fresh spring leaves, the song of frogs and cicadas, crimson maple trees, the
snow-white winter landscape - the scenery is always stunningly beautiful from
your window.

There is a modern Western-style toilet
in every room, equipped with wash
We provide tooth brush set, razors
and hair dryer

For inquiries concerning groups, our party plan,
or if you have any other questions, please contact
our reception: Email 【contact us】

Natural sulphur hot spring and open-air bath
520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1111
TEL: +81-75-741-2131 / FAX: +81-75-741-2375
Open: 10:30 -(last admission 20:20)21:00 (The bath closes at(last admission 19:20)20:00 during winter)
Meal orders: 11:30 - (L.O 19:45) Closes 20:45

Open 365 days (please ask us about the Kurama Fire Festival, which is held on October 22 every year)
Parking lot for 60 cars (if you intend to drive here in a minivan or large car, please notify us in advance)

Please note that children still wearing diapers are not allowed in the bath.

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