Party plan
Enjoy a little vacation at this quiet hotel by Kurama River, amidst the mountains of Kurama.

Party plan For 10 or more people (Reservations required)

Dining (party) & bathing package including indoor grand bath, open-air bath, yukata, face towel and bath towel. Perfect for welcome or farewell parties, New Year parties, wedding parties, etc, etc.

Party plan

"HANA" set

KAMAGOHAN with chicken and mountain vegetables + grilled fish + SASHIMI + soup
3,800 yen
"YUKI" set

KAMAGOHAN + grilled fish + SASHIMI + TEMPURA + soup
4,800 yen

Duck cooked in a hot pot at the table
5,800 yen
"GOZEN" set

Mini-KAISEKI set comprising 9 dishes
5,800 yen

The chef's choice of 10 dishes
6,800 yen

KAISEKI set comprising 10 dishes
7,800 yen

Wild boar cooked in a hot pot at the table

Winter only
8,800 yen

KAISEKI set comprising 11 dishes
9,800 yen

We prepare what you need according to your budget.
  • The above prices are for one person and includes tax
  • We ask that the dinner party last at most 2 hours 30 min
  • Beverages: beer (large bottle) 680 yen, SAKE (about 160ml) 800 yen, juice 400 yen
  • Karaoke : 10,500 yen per party
  • Mahjong: 3,150 yen per table
  • Hostess: 13,650 yen per hostess (for two hours) + transportation fee 3,150 yen
  • We have one large bus for 28 people and two small buses for 9 people each.
    No charge between our hotel and Kurama station (Eizan Dentetsu line).
    Please contact us for further details
  • Please arrive between 10:00 | 19:00. Please ensure parties are finished by 21:00.
  • Parking lot for 60 cars

Natural sulphur hot spring and open-air bath
520 Kuramahonmachi, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto 601-1111
TEL: +81-75-741-2131 / FAX: +81-75-741-2375
Open: 10:30 -(last admission 20:20)21:00 (The bath closes at(last admission 19:20)20:00 during winter)
Meal orders: 11:30 - (L.O 19:45) Closes 20:45

Open 365 days (please ask us about the Kurama Fire Festival, which is held on October 22 every year)
Parking lot for 60 cars (if you intend to drive here in a minivan or large car, please notify us in advance)

Please note that children still wearing diapers are not allowed in the bath.

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